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Death & decay. Birth & growth. Something visible becomes invisible and vice versa. The project shows figural representations of mortality, female sexuality, folklore and mystics in various materials.

The works will be showcased in Helsinki, at Kalleria in August 2020.

”In my dream I’m standing under a gigantic wooden arc. Heavy wooden doors are closed in front of me and under my feet I feel a damp, cold earth floor. I stand still, quietly observing my surroundings in what seems to be an underwater church. Multiple chicken are walking around me with fish as hats.”


According to the Potawatomi people, women are born to protect the waters. They carry a pond inside them that gives birth to life. That life comes into this world on a wave of water.


In my dreams I’m one with nature. I can breath under water and move fluently above and below the surface. My dreams are filled with symbolism: fish is the symbol of spirituality and faith, chicken lay eggs and thus are a metaphor for women. Water is the spring of life and the sea holds myriad of secrets.


We live in a time where our spring of life is threatened. The fish are loosing the battle against plastics in our ocean and the holiest has lost its meaning in our society.


In ”Keepers of water” I turn inside: the womb, my pond. I feel thousands of rivers inside me leading to the ocean within, creating new life, a new generation and new hope. The rivers carry my past into something new, creating a network where the past discusses with the present about the future.


Paintings, photographs, jewelry art and installations create a unity in this exhibition and invites people to stop and look deeper behind the layers of narratives. 

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