For as long as I remember I've been drawn to mystics, the occult, the strange and the unknown. Death and decay: the mystery of what is on the other side intrigues me. 

My fascination for the unknown took me to Africa, Benin to study Vodou and to the Sahara desert in Morocco to learn about the desert magic. My studies and my trips to far countries inspire my work. I guess the cliché is true: it's all about trying to understand the world and our part in it. Trying to manifest the unseen. Making sense of something we cannot fully grasp.

It doesn't matter what medium I work with, the unknown find their way into it. My jewelry designs mirror my paintings and needlepoint creations. Old folklore and mystics manifest itself in the jewelry. I mainly use silver, gold and brass combined with raw natural stones and other organic materials such as bone, hair and natural fibers.

I'm available for projects and commissions.