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Children's book about loosing a loved one, finding comfort and peace

Kuun Kukkia is a book about death and longing. A journey we all have to make at some point.

Death is part of life, yet it's hard for us to talk about it. It's a shadow we try to stay away from. The book is created so we could embrace the shadows and let all the feelings it brings be part of us.

The book itself has been a process: it took me years to finish, a few trips to far away countries and friends to help me get it right.

It's a self published book and the grant from Freelance graafikot helped me get it out.

Published in 2018 and available in book stores in February 2018. So far only in finnish but  I dream of getting this translated.

Below a couple of illustrations from the book.

Illustration from the book Kuun Kukkia ( Moon flowers)
Illustration from the book Kuun Kukkia
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